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Sims pre-order HELP!!!

Okay guys, If you pre-order The Sims games I need your help/comfort, lol.

 I own all of The Sims games ever created but I’ve never pre-ordered any of them. I decided to pre-order The Sims 3 Seasons on November 2nd through Origin. Well on November 7th I checked my bank statement and it said Electronic Arts -$46.00. I was so excited. Well I checked my E-mail and I had my confirmation E-mail from them. I went to UPS tracking and It says my game will be here Thursday. So, here is my problem. The money from the transaction is back in my account and it no longer shows that EA took it out on my bank statements. Also my Origin account says that my order is still in process. Should I be worried? Is my game really coming or should I try and cancel my order? I’ve never done a pre-order through Origin so I’m pretty worried. Can anyone please help me out? Inbox me if you can. Please and thank you. And happy simming.<3


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